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My name is Peter Rehm. I have lived in Utah for 22 years. I spent a few years here as a child and as an LDS missionary, and moved back as an adult to attend BYU Law School and lived here ever since. My wife Rachel and I live in Orem with our 7 children.

Having studied law to help me run my business, I am able to read and understand exactly what this ethics initiative is really saying. Many lawyers and other citizens who have read this initiative also concur that there is more going on in this initiative than the sponsors admit to.

I care very much about this state and its people. I do not want to see some kind of special interest group with a hidden agenda take power through lies and misrepresentations. Utahns are good people, and are highly in favor of ethics in government. This initiative plays on their good intentions.

Because of this, I am using my resources as a business owner to get the word out that this initiative is not what it claims to be.

Never before have I been personally involved in politics. But never before have I seen such a threat to Utah. This bill could gain support because of its wonderful title and some oversimplified descriptions. People might support it because they are in favor of ethical reform without really realizing just how bad this particular initiative is. On the other hand, honest legislators could be reluctant to oppose it because it makes them look like they have something to hide. Because of this, my education, and my lack of previous political involvement, I felt the call to do something about it.

Please join me in getting the word out about what is really going on and help keep Utah the great state that it is.

More about me:

My wife and I own two software companies, Variety Games Inc. and PerfectNotes Corporation. Both are locally based but get 99% of their business from outside Utah.

I have bachelors and masters degrees from the University of South Florida in Computer Engineering and a law degree from BYU. I did practice patent law briefly but my main interest was always my software companies.

I am a member of the governing board of Odyssey Charter School in American Fork, where four of my children attend school, and I an also a volunteer scout leader.

I can be contacted at peter <at> unethicalreform.org.

Update: This issue has caused me to become a little more active in politics. I attended a caucus meeting and to my surprise, was nominated and elected vice-chair for my precinct.